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Blogscart quotes gallery by Jyoti | 5 best quotes of all time | Motivational, Life, Manjil or Destiny and many more | Hindi

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Quotes gallery by Jyoti. Read this amazing quote- gallery of 5 best quotes of all time in Hindi.

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Manjil milegi mujhe

Vishwas yeh gehra hai

Har andheri raat k baad

Khushiyo ka savera hai 🌞

Manjil by Jyoti

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Lamhe yeh guzar jayenge,

Yaadein! Dil me simat jayengi,

Dastoor yhi hai iss zindagi ka

Chalte-Chalte yu hi beet


Art of living!

Life by Jyoti

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Bhaang Dhature ka Sevan krna

Yhi toh tera kaam hai

Sansar kalyan k liye,

Kiya vish ka sevan jisne,

Bholenath uska naam hai

Ganga Maiya behti jiski jataaon se

Bholenath uska naam hai

On the Occasion of Mahashivratri by Jyoti

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Blogscart family wishing all the women International Women’s Day on 8th march.

8th March is treated as symbolic of the historic journey women around the world have taken to better their lives.

The purpose of this day is to uphold women’s achievements, recognize challenges and focus greater attention on women’s rights and gender equality.

Mamta se bhari uski jholi

Karuna ki woh Murat hai

Shakti ka roop

Ujiyare ka swaroop hai

Fir bhi log kehte hai

Woh naari kamjor hai

Parivaar ki khushi

Uska sukoon hai

Baccho ke sapno me

Uski khawisho ka balidaan hai

Fir bhi log kehte hai

Wooh naari kamjor hai

Woman’s day quote by Jyoti

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Sapno ko tu apne

Ek rang de…

Hunar ko apne

Ek pehchaan de

Sangharsh ko apne

Ek naam de

Kamyabi ka naam hai zindagi

Issy to aise khaali nah jaane de

Dream by Jyoti

manjil, destiny, blogscart, mangil-blogscart

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3 years ago

wow … so motivating

Ishan Sharma
3 years ago

wow it’s amazing

3 years ago

amzing quotes

3 years ago

quality post
really helpful and motivating

3 years ago

Found this page in suggestions while i was surfing around and now feel grateful that i read these fantastic quotes.

3 years ago

bhot hi achi quote gallery thi
please aur quotes gallery daalo

Ankita Rawat
Ankita Rawat
3 years ago


3 years ago

great quotes loved it

3 years ago

love all the quotes

3 years ago


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