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5 Quotes by Apoorva | All time best | Design Character, Lotus, Pain and gain and more | English

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English Quotes gallery by Apoorva. Read this amazing article 5 Quotes by Apoorva, all time best in English.

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5 quotes by Aproova, quotes by apoorva,life, express-life, quotes, blog, quote, blogscart-quote

Work for a cause,

Not for Applause.

Live life to express,

Not to impress.

Express life by Apoorva

5 quotes by Aproova, quotes by apoorva,strength, strengths-and-weaknesses, strength-and-weakness

If you think, you are too small

to be effective!

Have you ever been with

a mosquito in dark night?

Strength never depends upon on your size.

Strength never depends upon on your size.

by Apoorva

5 quotes by Aproova, quotes by apoorva,pain-and-gain, pain, gain, motivational-quote, blogscart-quote

If you aren’t ready for the pain.

Don’t seek for pleasure!

Roses come with thorns and,

Thorns draw blood.

Pain and Gain by Apoorva

character,5 quotes by Aproova, quotes by apoorva, stay-strong, quote from blogscart member, quote, motivation, motivational, motivational-thoughts

Never design your character like garden,

Where anyone can walk.

Design your character like sky,

Where everyone desires to reach.

Character by Apoorva

Design your Character Strong

lotus, be-a-person-of-strong-character, character, flower, lotus-flower, blogscart-quotes, thoughts,thought-of-the-day, 5 quotes by Aproova, quotes by apoorva,

Be like a lotus,

Unfolding it’s petals when,

The Sun rises high

Unaffected by the slush,

Where it is born or,

Even the water which sustains it!

Lotus by Apoorva

Be a Person of Strong Character

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3 years ago

superb 👌

Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh
3 years ago

Excellent thoughts👌👌

Sahil Kumar
3 years ago

Yup no doubt … To express ….

Vansh choudhary
3 years ago

Very very good
Superb se uper

3 years ago

gzb ka thought

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Kamolika Das
3 years ago


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Himanshu jaiswal
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Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh
3 years ago

Very good

3 years ago

great quotes
you’re doing good guys
all the best from Mexico

Written by Apoorva

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