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Who invented caste system? Divide and Rule Policy | Manusmriti | 1st Article by Astitva

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Who Invented Caste System?

Read this article on Who invented Caste System in India by Astitva and if you don’t like post or discussion on caste system then jump to other articles or stories, and share your valuable comments in the comment section below.

According to our society!!

Brahmins are against dalits?

So who are brahmins?
The upper caste people.

So who are dalits?
The lower caste people

Some people also blame the Hindu book “Manusmriti” for this caste system .
So today I will clear all the doubts of these people who hate their religious book !!!!!
So caste come from Spanish and Portuguese word “casta” this word first use in 1569 and in 1628 Portuguese east India company came to India
You will be surprise after knowing that there was more than 1 east India company

1) British East India company
2) Portuguese East India company
3) Dutch East India company
4) French East India company

And many more but we learn only about the British East India company in our textbook , so when Portuguese came to India they use caste system for dividing our country but it does not work in our country because we believe in union country and this is the


When the Indian guru observe those things they do sadhana and invented yoga
That’s why yoga is important to people who missing the connection from the universe
Now the question is India have


The Jatti word is not mentioned in any of our religious books , we had varna system but many people also blame varna system that’s it and only favour the brahmin and upper caste.
So let me help you to solve this

Basically there are 4 varnas

1. Brahmin
2. Kshatriya
3. Vaishya
4. Shudra

And there is no fifth varn “dalit”
Actually dalit means “jiska dalan kiya gya ho” and this is written in the book “Manusmrithi” a hindu book.

Manusmrithi, who invented caste system, caste system, divide and rule policy, blogscart story, informative article
Image Source – Screenshot from Who Invented Caste System? – String (Youtube)

The highlighted shloka means that

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya these all three varna called Drijataya and the fourth varna Shudra called ek janma and there is no fifth varna

Drijataya means reborn, it’s not rebirth after death, it means in the same life gathering new life .
For example: when people visit foreign country then you notice after he came back they were transformed their behaviour will change, it totally doesn’t mean the word drijataya it is only an example, basically the gurus yogis who do sadhna from very long time and when the sadhna will completed then the whole person is transform for example Gautam Buddha.

Infact drijataya is the perfect word for him. He was reborn after he walked away from their kingdom to forest to do sadhana and when they came out they spoke something which became the source of life for millions of people.

In today’s life there are so many drijatya

So it is said that shudra get one life even if it’s true , they did not mean to say shudra is a lower caste they mean to say people who live in wisdom.
People says Manusmrithi is a book which discriminate against Shudra and Dalit but hear is no mention of dalit and all.

This is a generation of people who believe that those people who talk about vergins and heaven drive people to fantasy and all kinds of hallucination purely based on lust and physical pleasures .
But abuse the yogis who work to rally for rivers India lifeline and lots of charity work.

So varna system is not about the family you born it according to your level of knowledge
I will proof all the propaganda wrong with just on shloka from Manusmriti.

Manusmrithi, who invented caste system, caste system, divide and rule policy, blogscart story, informative article
Image Source – Screenshot from Who Invented Caste System? – String (Youtube)

“Shudra become Brahmin and Brahmin become Shudra In the same way Kshatriya and Brahmin become Shudra when their level of knowledge gets low.”

So the varna system is according to your skills and wisdom, not the place you were born .

The views presented in this article are personal. We neither intend to blame anyone nor does anyone need to agree with this. This article doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious or other sentiments. Use your intelligence while reading this post, this is just our thoughts how Caste System invented.

Thank you so much for reading!

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2 years ago

wow amazing article

so much of knowledgeable content

2 years ago

Well written bro!

Aparna Das
Aparna Das
2 years ago

very knowledgeable content

2 years ago

the actual truth, sadly no one even bother about

2 years ago

sad part is no one even want to think about it
people aren’t practical nowadays

2 years ago

Ba bali ba🤩🤩

2 years ago

you genuinely wrote this topic

2 years ago

i hope people can grow their mind and understand the thesis behind the divide and rule… and stay united
fabulous post

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