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My Mangonificent moments | Memories of Mangoes when I was 13 | Childhood Ecstasy | English

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Mangonificent Moments- Mangoes

Yeah, we all love mangoes, few months of this mango season are full of the aroma and taste of this sweet and sour ecstasy and pleasure, usually, we all enjoy it with closed eyes and it’s directly go through our soul.

The love for mangoes has a separate level.

But did you know unripe mango has its own fan base, many of us love unripe mangos too.

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It’s been ages when I was almost 13 years old. I grew up in the village, So, Every Summer me and my childhood friends, Akash and Ujjwal.

We three daily took some salt and pepper to taste and went out on the farms in the search of unripe mangos we had a little knife, hot days of summer, parents didn’t allow to went out but love for mangos made us wandering to the farms.

We founded a tree full of mangos, we became happy and started throwing the stones and wood piece, after 30 minutes we arranged almost 5 or 6 mangoes, we sat down under the tree peeled off the mangoes we ate them with that salt and pepper, the taste and feel that time was amazing and that little seed of mango we called that bijali we used to have fun with that like which side one’s wife comes from, those moments were really mangonificent.

My Mangonificent moments, memories of mango, childhood story, mangonificent, blogscart-short-stories, blogscart-stories, mango memories

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2 years ago

If I’m not wrong, Akash of this.story……is same as that of our admin??🤔🤔🤔🤔

2 years ago
Reply to  Apoorva


2 years ago

I’m not blessed with such farms and garden loaded of mangoes on trees, but I get fasinated the moment I see them…. and yes……… love for Mango, doesn’t make difference whether it’s ripe or not……..I love both! And I think that’s one of the benefit of our country’s geographical location.😌😌

2 years ago

love mangoes

2 years ago

best thing about summer is mangoes 🤤

Shivam Tyagi
Shivam Tyagi
2 years ago

Bhai kahi aam todta hua galt to ni fas gya tha 😝😝

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