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Cryptocurrency chapter 2 | Would you still invest in Crypto | Downfall in Crypto world | English

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The Downfall in Crypto World

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Well well well !! Since I published my last article, there is a bloodbath in the world of cryptocurrency. Now the point is what should we do next, should we take our money out or should stay invested and many more questions are coming into your mind as I was bombarded with no. of questions from my friends, relatives over text and call.

Unfortunately, most of them started their investment the same day they read the article and did clarification with me and then 30-50% drop in their crypto portfolio in two days span.. It made me realise, Am I such an unlucky person!! Well it’s not actually me as the globally market cap drops by 177 billion $ and I alone can’t be reason for such fall (bad PJ).

Now, I have mentioned in my previous article that one should invest max. 5-10% of their portfolio in crypto, because along with the crazy returns, risk of losing capital is also high. If you are expecting a return of 1000% + or dream of becoming a millionaire by doing it then you should be ready to take risks and have patience.

Risk reward ratio is too low when compared to the rewards expected out of it. People do option trading, intraday when there are almost the same or more chances of losing money than making, then why are they afraid of crypto..

Just invest the amount that you usually spend on a party night and stop worrying about the invested  money. Give it time to grow, that penny investment can bring drastic changes to your lifestyle if it clicks. And worst case if you lose, think of it that you spent at a party or bought some clothes that’s not fit you anymore. Is it still a big deal for you? Do comment and let me know what you think or if you like the content.

Most of us have watched Scam 1992, and heard a dialogue “bhaiya risk hai to ishq hai”.

Same theory applied here. Just one advice from my side, only invest a low chunk of your Portfolio amount in crypto not more than that to minimise risk factor..

Here are currency returns even after current drastic downfall has been shown below

downfall in crypto world, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency 2, crypto market, blogscart story, cryptocurrency chapter 2, bitcoin, dogecoin, thetafuel, tfuel
1 year chart of Bitcoin and TFuel
downfall in crypto world, ether, ethereum, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency 2, crypto market, blogscart story, cryptocurrency chapter 2
1 Year chart of Ether and Doge

Click here to read the first part of this article.

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Note: This is an just educational purpose article and our views or opinions on crypto market and we do not encourage anyone to invest or spend any of your hard earn money.

As investing in market is subjected to market risk so, do your own study well before investing in any kind of market.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Informative article….keep it up!

3 years ago

impressive article
I thinks you’re right like even after drastic downfall the numbers are crazy like 200% is minimum

3 years ago

On point,
and what a timing for this article
amazing work keep it up guys

Shivam Tyagi
Shivam Tyagi
3 years ago

Such a impressive article and very knowledgeable. I have learnt so much from this article. Thank you so much bhaiya for this informative post.

Niharika Sharma
Niharika Sharma
3 years ago


3 years ago

Crypto is like gambling more than investing

2 years ago

much informative

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