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Washroom | Take a rest for a while | 9th Poem by Vibha

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A soft corner of the room

Vo hai washroom

A place jaha mita hai sukoon,

Vo hai mera washroom

When we upset or in trouble

We want live lonely for few minutes

It is the best option

Vo hai mera washroom

When we extremely happy ,

Want shoot a crazy selfie

Mouth be like, pout and round

Like a mushroom

Foot badh cle jaha 

Vo hai mera washroom

washroom, how-to-pass-time-in-washroom, how-to-pass-time-in-bathroom,

Whether love n scare

Would be a safe place

Where no fear nor dear

No interfere of papa and mom 

In short liberty life becomes bloom

Vo hai mera washroom



Neither disturbance nor arguments

In long perspective, me and my silence 

Either me laugh or cry ,my marji

Jaha m sochu kya hai meri bhool

Vo hai mera washroom



This is the place, likes by all

Old, elder, younger, teenager or doll

We all be sovereign for a short

This is the jannat for bride and groom

Vo hai  mera washroom



Many creative ideas come in mind

Fun, enthusiasm, satisfaction and 🍷 wine

Lots of scientists groom from this terrine

This is the powerhouse of  wisdom or fool

Vo hai mera washroom

washroom, how-to-pass-time-in-washroom, how-to-pass-time-in-bathroom,

Papa ki daat ho ya mummy ki maar

Quarrelling with wife rather office ki thakan

The most suitable clinic

Jaha mita sukoon 

Vo hai mera washroom


My first choice a home with luxury washroom

Its like friend finds very rare

Sometime we  have to sleep there

Because mom scolding, get up fast dear

We get pulled out from the bedroom

Bs ab ek sahara tera

Vo hai mera washroom😔


How can I bind the glory of this room

This is one and only heart of the home

Its odonil smells like a flowery perfume

Yes sahi pakde ho ,

Vo hai mera washroom😃😄😁😁

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6 months ago

Superb ever❤️

Sahil Kumar
6 months ago

💯 Satyavachan

Shitiz choudhary
6 months ago


Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh
6 months ago

Beautiful 👌👌

6 months ago


Vansh choudhary
6 months ago


Pallavi Singh
6 months ago

Truely defined
Amazing 👌👌🤘

6 months ago

thank you all

6 months ago


Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh
6 months ago

Osm👌👌😂😂well written!!!!

Vimal khurdwal
Vimal khurdwal
6 months ago


Sachin Singh
6 months ago

Very Beautiful lines. Thoughful

5 months ago

washroom …. such a lovely place……,.

4 months ago

bilkul sahi jagah h kuchh nya sochne ki🤘

Written by Vibha Singh

Story Teller and Proud Teacher

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