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Stress Management | What is Stress and How to Manage Stress | 11 Magical Ways to manage Stress by Anubha | English

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11 simplest tricks of Stress Management that can help you to reduce stress in day to day life and live healthy.

Stress Management by Anubha

As we see many people talk about stress and stressors in day to day life and how this stress makes their life more worse and vulnerable. Doctors also say that most of the disease turns more severe just in case of high stress.

So what causes stress and for what reason we experience it.

Stress is emotional and physical response to any situation which seems difficult to us but

You will be surprised with the fact that we need a bit of stress in our life to be more proficient and productive and that is called eustress. It is required to have eustress to engage in optimum level of performance, but as soon as the stress level increases beyond eustress we mention it as distress i.e., a harmful amount of stress which can deteriorate our overall life functioning which include socio-occupational activities and interpersonal relationships.

As we understand what stress is and how much it is affecting our life, let’s see some Stress Management Techniques through which we can tackle stress and improve our life.


1- Deep Breathing

The first thing we can do whenever we like stressful or anxious and inhaling deeper and exhaling it out for a longer time, deep breathing is the first and foremost step we can take to stop and wait and focus on the vital function other than focusing on stressful situations.


2- Relaxation training

Relaxation training can be done with the help of a trainer like JPMR, Autogenic Relaxation training, etc the first one is mainly focused on physical aspect of relaxation and the second one is focuses on mental aspect of relaxation, other than going to trainer one can also train themselves at home by using some simple relaxation techniques like diaphragmatic breathing, Mindfulness breathing etc which is somewhat a amalgamation of breathing and relaxation technique.


3- Pursuing Hobby

As we all see in today’s world everyone is running over competitiveness, ambitions, perfection and accomplishment and we forget how much happiness, contentment and peace those little things used to give us when we don’t look around the world as a battle place. We need to pause for a while to appreciate little things around us to pursue our Hobbies and to make peace with our soul.


4- Meditation

Can you answer!  In the entire world who is most important to you? Dear it’s you! Give yourself time to meditate, think some good things while meditating, feel pleasant and Start your morning with positivity and Focus. Rather than just checking your phones, laptops, e-mails, etc.  

Start your day with yourself and end your day with yourself. According to my personal experience there is not any right or wrong way to meditate, it’s just start with your own ease, find the right one and start practicing it daily, You will see the change and you will see the miracles it does to your mind and body.


5- Mindfulness training

Above this we talked about mediation and all so let’s go to a more wider aspect of life, that is mindfulness. Meditation is giving some time to yourself to be in some calm and peaceful state for sometimes so that you can be fully charged throughout the day. Here mindfulness is living each and every moment fully and completely, not wandering in future nor dwelling in past, it means just living in present. 

For example if we drink water we should fully focus on quenching our thirst at the very moment, if we are sleeping we should fully focus on relaxing our mind and body, if we are studying we should focus on only what we are doing right now. Mindfulness simply means living at present and feeling it all. And this Simply makes your life so calm and Soothing if we start understanding the meaning of it.

Stress_management,management of stress, reasons behind stress, stress management by anubha, 11 easiest ways of stress management, how to manage stress
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6- Seek Social Support

We know Man is a social animal, and however strong a person feels like they need social support in some points of their life. So as anyone who is facing stressful situation should have some social support at their back to motivate them time to time before the face of adversities. 

Having someone to share how we feel and those who validate that feeling are essential part of our life. And if someone can’t find anyone they can seek help from different helplines and counsellors available to listen to them. So here I want to say that we should not feel hesitant to look for any help around us because it really helps us to feel calm and comfortable.


7- Healthy eating habits

Eating and drinking healthy food help us to move towards a more good lifestyle and help us to reduce any kind of health issues which In turn gives us more stress. Staying healthy boosts our confidence and makes us live more peacefully than normal. Keeping oneself healthy by healthy eating habits show us self love towards ourselves and that on turn leads to vibrant, energetic and beautiful life.


8- Proper Sleep hours

In today’s Era we develop a very very bad sleeping schedule due to overwork, distraction, internet addictions and depression, anxiety, stress, etc. Most of people facing difficulty in falling asleep and due to that cannot have proper sleeping hours and it’s just adds up irritation and frustration and worsen their situation more. 

So it’s very important to schedule our sleep time to restore all the energy which required to have a healthy life. One can use soothing music, chanting prayers, guided imagery and other ways to fall asleep Peacefully.


9- Time for Recreational activities

We need to take time to be with our loved ones and spend happy times with them. Having a good time at the places we like and soothes us makes us feel a little relaxed and gives us time to rest and feel a little better.


10- Say No to Any kind of Addiction

We need to avoid any kind of addictive things like caffeine, nicotine, phone, junk, drugs, alcohol etc. These things give us short term happiness and drain us internally which is harmful in the long run. So! Say no to any kind of addiction.


11- Gratitude Journal

We as a Homosapiens has given a lots of other extra affordances than other creatures and we should be thankful for everything each day. We should keep a little notebook or diary to write good things in them and be grateful to have them. We should be thankful to Divinity and Universe for each little things and ask him to grant more power to go ahead in life.

And at last I want to give a bonus tip to give relief from stress 🙂

  • Give room for mistakes and Faults: Don’t try to be perfectly perfect and 100% critical to yourself, Going slow still means going forward and making a mistake means you are atleast trying. Be easy with yourself, things will turn better soon.

Let us know what do you guys think about it, in comment section below.

Stay tuned for more quotes & articles like this.

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2 years ago

very helpful article

2 years ago

amazing and really helpful

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great ideas of stress buster

2 years ago

really helpful article and nicely explained anubha


[…] Stress Management | What is Stress and How to Manage Stress | 11 Magical Ways to manage Stress by An… […]


[…] Stress Management | What is Stress and How to Manage Stress | 11 Magical Ways to manage Stress by An… […]

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Stress Management | What is Stress and How to Manage Stress | 11 Magical Ways to manage Stress by Anubha | English – BlogsCart

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Stress Management | What is Stress and How to Manage Stress | 11 Magical Ways to manage Stress by Anubha | English – BlogsCart

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