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The power of looking | See, Look, Watch | 4th article by Hitesh

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Power of Looking

Some times people’s way of seeing things make a lot of difference than what the things really are cause our mind shows us what we want to see not what things really are. Its all the process of thinking about things that we always have interest or see what we want , during all that we forget the things that we actually need. May be its our quality or disability.

But there is 3 forms of seeing things, first-see, second-look and third-watch.


As we see things around us and don’t focus and not even  remember.

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As we focus on a thing but see around also as we look black board.


We perfectly focus on the thing like we watch movie and don’t see anything around ,our whole focus is on that thing.

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Mostly we use see and watch in our daily life.

Either we focused or we just see things never look.

We never focused and see things around us together.

If we use the look ability too and focused on things that we need and see around what we want that’s the power of looking things.

If we use the power of looking things then the life will be more balanced, happy and easy.

Written By Hitesh

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3 years ago


Vansh choudhary
3 years ago

Nice 👌👌

3 years ago

Truly appreciable

3 years ago

Nicely written

Written by sainihitesh

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