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Mobile Industries Competition | 6 Major Reasons of survival in mobile market

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In today’s market where other new companies steps in and take the entire the mobile sector of India in their hands:

There are few points that we think are the major reasons for mobile industries to compete in market (just a short overview for all those points):

  • Price Point

To survive in the market the price point plays a vital role, which one is more into value for money

  • Design

Premium design is now a basic thing to attracts customer to survive in a battle of mobile industries.

  • Latest Chipset

In budget segment Snapdragon and Mediatek both giving each other a very tough competition, from the support of dual voLTE to 5G and giving support for a higher camera pixel with decent gaming support and better RAM management.

  • Performance

Providing a lag free interface with an optimized performance from day to day performance to powerful gaming giving an efficient power output for a long run.

  • Updates

Providing timely updates secures your personal data that you can rely on it.

With updates we didn’t mean to say OS updates, in budget segment it can’t be possible to provide OS updates but giving security patches updates provides by Google, fills the loophole that might be target by most of the app to stole your data.

  • R&D Team

This is where most of the brands lack as a example a big market share of Indian made company replenished in a short period of time just because they failed to deliver sometime unique and innovative with time.

And the thought process of rebranding was the biggest downfall and we hope Indian brands will fight back and take back their market share very soon by providing something innovative that can compete in today’s market.

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3 years ago

Real factors of falldown of Indian brand in mobile sector🙏🏻

3 years ago

informative & comprehensive 👍

3 years ago

wonderful content

3 years ago

great content!!!!
write something new for us like this

Shivendra Pratap Singh
Shivendra Pratap Singh
2 years ago

Ooooho ab samajh m aaya majara kya h…..
Great bhai👍

2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago

wonderful article

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